Welcome to nova-zvm’s documentation!

Welcome to nova-zvm driver’s documentation!

IBM Z is a family name used by IBM for all of its mainframe computers. IBM Z are the direct descendants of System/360, announced in 1964, and the System/370 from 1970s, and now includes the IBM System z13, the IBM System z14 and the newer IBM zEnterprise. IBM Z is famous for its high availability and used in government, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and just about every other industry.

z/VM is a hypervisor for the IBM Z platform that provides a highly flexible test and production environment. z/VM offers a base for customers who want to exploit IBM virtualization technology on one of the industry’s best-of-breed server environments, the IBM Z family.

zVM drivers, consist of a set of drivers/plugins for different OpenStack components, enables OpenStack to communicate with z/VM hypervisor to manage z/VM system and virtual machines running on the system.

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